About FantasticFades

Fantastic Fades is the place to go if you care about looking fresh. Our team has always taken the time and attention to detail to a whole new level. Experience what a really Clean & Fun Shop is supposed to be. With 5 masters on board, no appointment is ever needed. Swing by and get ready to look sharp.


"Simply The Most Talented Stylists & Fade Masters anywhere"

"These guys are the most skilled barbers I've ever been to. They are efficient, clean, and meticulous in their work. Keep it up!"

"Great place, highly recommend. Customer service is absolutely fantastic can’t ask for any better in Toronto 👌!! Highly recommended"

"I took my 4 year old here after reading all the reviews. They were amazing. Fast, friendly, well priced. Great atmosphere and even offered us coffee. My little guy looked perfect after his visit."

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